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Welcome to 2M Recruitment: Specialist in International Talent Solutions for the Biotech, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Process Industries

At 2M Recruitment, we stand for more than just filling vacancies; we are dedicated to creating people-centric, successful partnerships between talent and companies in the international market. With a keen eye for the biotech, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, we pride ourselves on building bridges between exceptional professionals and forward-thinking organizations. Our commitment to the intrinsic motivation of individuals is at the heart of our approach, and we believe this motivation is the key to making both individuals and organizations excel.

Our Human-Centric Approach

At 2M Recruitment, we understand that success is not only determined by the qualifications on paper, but also by the intrinsic motivation and passion of individuals. Our human-centric approach is based on the idea that happy and motivated employees are the true drivers of business success. Therefore, we are committed not only to matching the right skills and experience, but also to understanding what drives and inspires people. We believe that a meaningful match between an individual and an organization results in long-term growth and mutual satisfaction.

Our Services

At 2M Recruitment, we offer comprehensive services that address the needs of both employers and professionals in the biotech, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.

  • Temporary and Permanent Staffing: Whether for short-term projects or long-term positions, we find the right professionals for your organisation. We understand that flexibility is sometimes crucial in these rapidly evolving industries, and we strive to provide seamless solutions to suit your temporary and permanent staffing needs.
  • Talent Development: We believe that investing in talent development is the key to sustainable success. Therefore, we provide opportunities for professional growth and development, helping individuals improve their skills and capabilities and surpass themselves. Through training, mentoring and support, we help build resilient and competent teams.

Our Mission

Our mission at 2M Recruitment is to play a leading role in connecting talent to innovative companies in the biotech, chemical, pharmaceutical and Process sectors. We strive to harness human potential by focusing on intrinsic motivation and development, enabling both individuals and organizations to thrive and contribute to the advancement of these crucial industries.

In short, 2M Recruitment is not just another recruitment agency; we are a dedicated partner striving to create excellent connections between talented individuals and visionary organizations. Our human-centric approach and focus on intrinsic motivation set us apart as champions of sustainable success in the world of various industries.

Which organizations already chose to excel with 2M?


Honeywell is a multinational company specializing in various technologies and industrial solutions. It was founded in 1906 and is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States. Honeywell operates in various sectors, including aerospace, building technology, performance materials and technologies, and safety and productivity solutions.
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NISSAN is a leading Japanese automaker with a global presence. Founded in 1933, the company has become one of the world’s largest and most recognizable automotive brands. NISSAN is known for its innovative approach to automotive technology and sustainable mobility solutions.
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Our mission is to develop vectorized antibodies for neurodegenerative diseases, enabling longer, better lives
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KLM was established on 7 October 1919, making it the world’s oldest airline still operating under its original name.
73.000 Employees
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At Revvity, “it can’t be done” is our call to act, and “impossible” is inspiration. We take on the world’s toughest health challenges, so that we can help people live better, healthier lives. No fear. No barriers. No limits.
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We are driven forward by a shared purpose to bring progress to life by uniquely combining the essential, the desirable, and the sustainable. Together, we can solve some of the biggest tensions between what people individually want, what we collectively need, and what our planet demands. Thanks to our long track record in innovation and creation, we are perfectly set up to help customers develop new products that people find desirable, without compromising what is essential for health nor what our planet can sustain.
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LeeO is een applicatie voor varkenshouders, onderzoekers en verwerkers, die de hele cyclus van het varken in kaart brengt: van geboorte tot aan de slachterij en verwerking van het stukje vlees. LeeO registreert alle belangrijke momenten in de levenscyclus van het varken en verbindt daarmee alle punten in de productiecyclus.
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Bosch is an international technology and services company consisting of the automotive technology, industrial technology, consumer products, energy and building technology divisions. In fiscal 2014, the Group comprised about 290,000 associates with sales of 49 billion euros. The Bosch Group consists of “Robert Bosch GmbH” and about 440 subsidiary and regional companies in about 60 countries.
3,300 Employees in the Netherlands
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FrieslandCampina heeft vele tientallen merken die in veel landen in de wereld te koop zijn. Niet alleen consumentenmerken, maar ook ingrediënten voor onze industriële klanten en voor de foodservice en foodprofessionals.
22,715 Employees Worldwide
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