Code of Conduct

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people matter. 2M does this by offering HR solutions that put people first. Stepping into our customers’ shoes to add long-term value and always going the extra mile is perfectly normal for us. What does that deliver? More than customized solutions, which directly add value to the bottom line. Solutions that give concrete results. Our many years of experience in pharma and biotech ensure that we can make a difference in relevant and up-to-date products and services. We want to be seen as the party that knows what matters to achieve actual growth. For the candidate and the client. The party that understands that the real work only starts when our competitors’ work is normally finished. And is therefore prepared to take that extra step. The party that actually invests in the development of the client and the candidate. And thus helps achieve long-term growth

At 2M Recruitment, we take a completely different approach.

In our view, the perfect match does not exist; it has to be created. That takes time and attention. That takes insight and expertise. And it takes extra commitment and drive. For us, it is not just about selecting, but above all creating. Where others stop, we go that extra mile. By finding profiles and following paths that organisations had not thought of themselves. By getting to the bottom of the organisation and giving the candidate the right guidance and training on the job. So that the candidate can grow personally and thus help the organisation achieve results. In any case, one thing is certain: you can rely on us to take care of it for you! Before, during and after the match. Whatever issue we are working on, we believe in the power of getting to the bottom of it. We sink our teeth into an issue, dig a little deeper each time and don’t let go until we can deliver results for all parties. That way, our clients can be confident that it will be taken care of. Every time. We are confident in our methods and dare to go off the beaten track. The focus is on creating rather than selecting. This is how we come up with solutions you hadn’t yet thought of. We always want to get the best out of it. That is why we understand our clients and candidates and challenge ourselves to think out-of-the-box. Our mission is supported by 2M’s core values. All this should contribute to making the world more sustainable. For us, sustainability means pursuing economic performance, environmental quality and social responsibility. The 2M Group wants to create a healthy and safe working environment for now and for everyone in the future. We do this through the Code of Conduct below. The Code of Conduct is for you. In the Code of Conduct we establish a framework within which all 2M Group employees, no one excepted, should function on a daily basis. Read the Code of Conduct carefully, make sure you understand it and abide by it.

Your responsibilities:

Besides reading the Code of Conduct, there are a number of responsibilities.

  • Make sure you understand the risks in your job and how to manage them
  • Seek advice if things are not clear
  • Report issues. It is your duty to report suspected violations of the Code of Conduct

Core values

Diversity and non-discrimination: The 2M Group is committed to a diverse workforce. Recruitment, hiring and promotion of employees is done solely on the basis of their qualifications and skills for the work to be performed. No form of discrimination or harassment based on race, ethnicity, nationality, age, religion, gender, sexual orientation or disability will be tolerated.

Health and safety: We strive to create a working environment free from incidents and injuries and to prevent occupational diseases and health problems. We expect our employees, at whatever level they work, to take an active role in recognising and correcting unsafe situations.

Forced labour and child labour: We do not use forced or child labour and expect our employees not to work excessively long hours. If employees are asked to work overtime, the extra hours will be compensated in accordance with legislation.

Harassment: The 2M Group does not tolerate harassment. We do not tolerate any action or behaviour that is demeaning, intimidating or hostile. Treat others with respect and avoid situations that could be perceived as inappropriate. Feedback, criticism and critical comments should always be expressed in an appropriate and respectful manner.

Alcohol and drugs: Do not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, smoke only in designated areas. The use of alcohol and or drugs are not permitted during work.

Open communication and employee involvement: We create an open and honest working atmosphere and support openness and responsibility by involving our employees in developing and implementing our business goals. We support employee feedback.

Employee development and fair remuneration: We support our employees in their growth and personal development by offering courses or training. We continuously invest in the knowledge and skills of our employees to ensure their long-term employability. We adhere to a fair and competitive remuneration policy that takes due account of performance.

Protection of personal data: We respect the privacy of our employees and our business partners. We adhere to good privacy protection practices when storing and applying personal data.

Use and protection of company property and information: Our employees take good care of the 2M Group’s company property or the client’s company property. They comply with the code of conduct regarding the protection of company information both of the 2M Group and of the client.

Use of IT and electronic communication: If you are in possession of IT and/or electronic communications, you are responsible for using these resources safely. You may not carry out any personal activities using these IT and electronic communication resources. Also, photographs and/or videos taken of employees, colleagues and work locations will not be tolerated.

Bribery and corruption: We do not engage in bribery and corrupt practices, such as extortion and active or passive bribery. We have a policy of not giving or accepting gifts or favours that could call into question the objectivity of decisions made by our employees or business partners.

What happens if I violate the code of conduct?

Violations of the Code of Conduct, and relevant policy principles, may result in disciplinary action and possibly dismissal. In some cases, the 2M Group may report a violation to the relevant authorities, which may also result in legal action and/or fines.

If you know or suspect that someone is violating the Code of Conduct, you are obliged to report it. If you do nothing, you will put the reputation of the 2M Group at risk and may entail financial penalties for the 2M Group. We will not tolerate any form of retaliation against anyone who reports a possible violation of the Code in good faith. Indeed, all retaliation and threats thereof against 2M Group employees will be considered a serious violation of our Code.