Niaga at a glance

We design to use it again, so materials don’t end up in the trash. Ever.

We are material lovers. We redesign products for circularity, so materials won’t end up as waste. However, a recyclable product that isn’t returned won’t be recycled. That’s why the return is key.
The scannable Niaga® tag enables end users to return their product when they’re done using it. This helps recyclers and producers to keep valuable materials in the loop for future generations. That’s how the Niaga® tag contributes to a waste-free world.

We design with the end in mind

Most recycling is actually downcycling. Ultimately, materials still end up as waste. When selected wisely, materials can be transformed back into equal or similar products. To keep materials clean, and therefore reusable, we make sure not to add harmful substances. We call them clean and infinite materials and make sure they are used in Niaga®-tagged products.

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