Omgevingsdienst Regio Utrecht


Omgevingsdienst Regio Utrecht at a glance


Caring for a healthy, safe, and sustainable living environment becomes increasingly important and complex. The population in the Utrecht region is growing, adding continuous pressure on the environment, our surroundings, and each other. The government must make choices on how to optimally use public space while ensuring that our children grow up in a healthy environment. To support local authorities in this regard, a good environmental service is essential.


The experts at ODRU work on behalf of the municipalities, some of which have assigned a portion of their environmental (and in some cases, construction) responsibilities to us. We serve as advisors to and for these municipalities, leveraging our expertise to make the environment in which we live and work safer, more sustainable, and healthier.


As an environmental service, we often carry out our work for citizens and businesses, and occasionally for the municipality itself. For example, we issue permits if you want to build something or start a business, and we monitor compliance. We also provide support for new initiatives and collaboratively seek environmentally friendly solutions. Our archaeologists assist with soil research during construction. In environmental and sustainability communication centers, we develop educational programs for schools.

ODRU is committed to creating a safe, sustainable, and healthy physical living environment. We support and advise residents and businesses on environmental permits and specialize in environmental supervision and enforcement concerning safety, air, noise, energy, waste, and soil.


But we do more. Our 140 experts use their knowledge and skills daily in the fields of archaeology, asbestos, soil, construction, external safety, noise and air, climate, energy, sustainability, notifications and permits, the environment, nature, environmental education, spatial planning, and oversight and enforcement. We often address issues in collaboration with other organizations, such as the Regional Implementation Service Utrecht, the safety region, the water board, and the Public Health Service.

Living Environment

Society is changing. Climate and sustainability are issues that affect us all. The Environmental Service Region Utrecht supports municipalities in their sustainable ambitions, such as plans to reduce energy consumption or transition to gas-free neighborhoods. In everything we do, we look ahead and closely monitor new developments. Together, we ensure that not only we but also our children and grandchildren can live in a pleasant environment.