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Warehouse Administration Employee | Marel

Scope and Authority

The Warehouse Administration Employee is responsible for the optimal administrative processing of the Ware-house department. The Warehouse Administration Employee is the first-line contact person for problems within Warehouse. The Warehouse Administration Employee handles the contact between the Warehouse and different departments and handles the agreements about operational matters with these departments.

Main tasks

  • Handling the administrative processing of the flow of goods and stocks in the ERP system;
  • Maintenance of contacts and relationships with internal clients;
  • The correct administrative handling of the order status, whereby quality, reliability, speed, and efficiency are the most important considerations;
  • Printing, grouping, and checking of orders;
  • Investigate complaints and propose solutions to problems such as stock discrepancies and administrate them in the ERP system;
  • Reporting stock discrepancies to the Manager Warehouse / Manager Production Parts/Assembly;
  • Participation in improvement processes (continuous improvement).

Skills and Abilities

  • Working with people; enjoys being part of a team and works well with others;
  • Problem-solving; approaches difficulties with innovative insight and ability to apply technical expertise to work;
  • Result-driven to and focused on meeting customer expectations and fulfilling quality standards;
  • Punctuality; ability to keep to schedules, follow instructions, legal obligations and safety requirements;
  • Drive to set personal work goals and objectives and the enthusiasm to achieve these.

Education, Knowledge, and Experience

  • Secondary school education;
  • Relevant work experience in an administrative-logistical environment is a plus;
  • Knowledge of ERP systems, MS Office suit, and command of English are an advantage;
  • Experience with and comfort working in multi-cultural, multi-discipline organization is an advantage.




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